Flores Nocturnas

Flores Nocturnas

Flores Nocturnas

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0h 26m 2012 HD

Assistir flores nocturnas Assistir PobreTV. Lula is a transvestite prostitute that resembles Dorothy, from "The Wizard of Oz". Samantha is her best friend and wears earrings in the shape of bones and leopard print leggings, like The Flinstones. There's also a pissed off pimp who never takes his sunglasses off. And a gypsy woman who smokes cigars and knows everything. And Hollywood star pictures glued to raunchy walls. And a parking lot full of whores, light bulbs and parties. And Jesuschrist. And a Hindu man passed out because of a blow job. And a lot of night exteriors, New York's, to be precise. And a pair of plastic tits that have disappeared. NIGHT FLOWERS is the punky and surreal fairytale in which all of this comes together to make sense. A short film about friendship, bravery and the ability to have dreams in other to survive. Maybe, deep down, that's what life is: a funny, tender and offbeat road trip, filled with feelings, in the search of a pair of plastic missing tits.

Flores Nocturnas (2012)
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