A Rainy Knight

A Rainy Knight

A Rainy Knight

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0h 20m 1925 HD

Assistir a rainy knight Assistir PobreTV. Sweethearts Jimmie Carter and Bessie Barnes work for Adolph Brock at the Acme Corporation. One day while he is out for a drive in his jalopy of a car, Jimmie spies a pretty young woman on horseback. He comes to her rescue after she falls off her horse and gets injured, he leading her to refuge in an abandoned cabin when it starts to rain heavily. Although she flirts with him, he, in turn attracted to her, wants to remain faithful to Bessie and resists his urges. When this woman mysteriously disappear on him, he can't stop thinking about her and follows her innuendo to meet with her at her apartment. All the while, he is unaware that she is Peggy Joyce, Brock's gold-digging fiancée. He is also unaware that Peggy has ulterior motives for coming on to him, which, in combination with her dangerous past, could lead to complications for all involved.

A Rainy Knight (1925)
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