Pokun Roxy

Pokun Roxy

Pokun Roxy

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1h 23m 2013 HD

Assistir pokun roxy Assistir PobreTV. The Talib was under a shady tree when he felt someone was touching his cheek, it turned out that pocong and kuntilanak were in the tree. The Talib was scared and screamed and invited many residents to arrive. Three young people, Acong, Bedul, and Jupe, arranged a plan to make a profit from this case. They spread rumors as if they could take photos of Poké Roxy with cellphones. Even though Bedul and Jupe were disguised News of the appearance of Roxy Pokun in Roxy soon spread and became a byword. The Chief Editor of the "Rahasia" Tabloid, Pak Edo Polo, assigned two young journalists, journalist Pina and Bondy photo reporter to track and get photos of Pokun Roxy. Then Pina-Bondy traced the Roxy village area. They met Commander Hansip Bolot.

Pokun Roxy (2013)
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